Daniel Dilliplane

Daniel Dilliplane is a communication studies researcher, theatre practitioner, and educator whose primary research focus lies at the intersection of performance and activism. His interdisciplinary scholarship adopts the mixed methodological approach of cultural studies to investigate the creative interventions of contemporary social movements. In addition to his experience as a theatre director, Daniel is a trained facilitator of various techniques of performance for social change, including Theatre of the Oppressed. He has led workshops for universities, theatres, non-profit research institutes, cultural centers, and autonomous art and activism spaces across the US as well as internationally.



Staging Progressive Dissensus and the Politics of Black Silence

Written by Daniel Dilliplane


Unpacking Longview

Directed by Daniel Dilliplane


What Can Performance Studies Do?

Taught by Daniel Dilliplane and Christina Banalopoulou


Advocacy for Public Education

Daniel Dilliplane as media spokesperson for The Chicago Light Brigade