Theatre for Social Change

Community-Engaged Workshops and Performance Activism

Sensing Bodies In Common

Inspired by his doctoral research on the creative and collaborative embodied practices of social movements and funded in part by an Arts Innovation Grant, Sensing Bodies In Common was an interactive and multi-sensory performance for social change workshop developed, produced, and facilitated by Daniel in February of 2023. Focusing on relating through movement and contact, this workshop reinforced our kinesthetic and proprioceptive attunement to facilitate greater self-awareness as well as a deeper empathic connection with others thereby enhancing collaboration through various forms of embodied communication. In a post-workshop survey, one participant said they “felt more connected to the people in the room than I ever do when I’m at a talking-only workshop,” and another noted that “the interaction with others was immediate and deep and felt really open in a way that sometimes spoken language does not allow.” 

Bodies for a Molecular Revolution

Bodies for a Molecular Revolution was a performance activism workshop that Dilliplane co-designed and co-facilitated with scholar and somatic practitioner Dr. Christina Banalopoulou. Hosted by the autonomously-managed free theatre Embros (Εμπρός Ελεύθερο Αυτοδιαχειριζομένο Θεάτρο) in Athens, Greece in February 2020, this workshop contributed to the movement opposing privatization and the use of police to evict and destroy various occupations throughout the city. By combining instruction in critical theory—especially the theories of Felix Guattari—with embodied exercises, the workshop offered artist-activists tools for community building and creative activism while simultaneously challenging dominant roles, identities, and modes of relation, including those associated with forms of political resistance considered relatively acceptable by systems of social control.

These Eyes...

These Eyes… was a community-building art intervention undertaken in neighborhoods of Rogers Park, Chicago and Northeast Portland  in 2011. Based on interviews, Dilliplane conducted with local residents, he produced posters relating their hopes for the improvement of their neighborhood. He subsequently posted these throughout the neighborhoods in order to empower the voices of residents and encourage community dialogue

Theatre of the Oppressed

As a practitioner of Augusto Boal's Theatre of the Oppressed techniques, Daniel has designed and facilitated participatory performance workshops, co-composed and performed invisible theatre, and led forum theatre events. His work the Theatre of the Oppressed Chicago collective focused on issues of public education and mass incarceration. He has presented at the annual conference of Pedagogy and Theatre of the Oppressed conference regarding innovative approaches to Boal's gamercises and the body as a conduit between activism and the everyday. 


Dilliplane is trained the movement, voice, and storytelling techniques of Cynthia Winton-Henry and Phil Porter's InterPlay. Approaching embodied play as a means to human sustainability and community connection, InterPlay is an accessible performance practice that centers the body as the site of knowledge and creativity. In addition to utilizing the technique in his pedagogy, Dilliplane has led InterPlay workshops across the US as well as internationally

Education in Chicago

In 2013, alongside collaborator Donier Tyler, Daniel designed and facilitated a ten-week youth theatre program enabling a diverse group of Chicago teens to share their stories of the city's school system. 

Pottstown Community Interactive Arts Festival

Building relationships with community partners, cultural centers, and local businesses, Dilliplane assembled and led the organizing team for the first-ever Pottstown Community Interactive Arts Festival in 2012